From Begining

CompuBase Started as education company based in UAE in 1994 and in few years CompuBase has many branches in the middle east such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Now in 2020 CompuBase divided to organizations each one focus on business fields.

In 1999 CompuBase Awarded the best training center From Microsoft in Middle East.
In 2000 CompuBase Awarded the best Instructor  From Microsoft in Middle East.

& NOW in 2020, We are CompuBase International has branches in three countries Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey.

Why us ?

CompuBase International has a unique value of services based on the variety and professionalization. we working on low current services, Creativity, online services and business development.

We believe that each project is a different story, so whatever you project is, we will work on it as a new challenge for us to provide better experience to our customers.


Our Standards

A kind of traditional and global standards we focused on building our daily activities and business Strategy. making good relation with friends and competitors is our special concepts.

We measure our values by creating a new connections and business hub with others.