About us

Who We Are

 We are IT solutions company. Providing highly scale able integrated solutions for information technology with innovative approaches and advanced methodologies. The group focuses on developing services in web services, dedicated Internet access, Smart security systems and networking since 2016. We concentrate on IT solutions strategy consulting analysis and web platforms with seamless integration. We work with clients in a variety of industries on a wide range of it solu- tions, such as information architecture, building web sites, web services, mobile applications, internet services and smart security systems.


In CompuBase we believe that to think is to innovate, to innovate is to develop to develop one must connects. Therefore CompuBase uses its wide network of services to provide a fresh, creative idea to each client. We develop our clients understanding of integrated solutions to assure the best outcome and most benefit.



To be the client’s first choice, and to become Recognized as the preferred source of technology Services and integrated solutions around the world. We aim to be recognized as one of the leaders of the industry by offering the best, reliable, valuable Solutions to both its consumers and stakeholders